Toxic plants for pets

Toxic Emergencies in Pets


    Are your homes truly "pet safe? " There are many potential dangers right under your, and your pets', noses, and, as is often the case, the best treatment for these dangers is prevention. Let's start with foods: Most of you know that chocolate can be toxic for our pets, but fortunately it takes quite a bit to make them sick. The most toxic chocolate is the pure baking form, which doesn't taste as good, whereas the better tasting milk and semi-sweet chocolate, is not as potent. Many of the chocolates also contain high amounts of fat and sugar, which can also be bad for our pets. Bottom line? Keep the four-legged kids away from the chocolate goodies! Something many of you may not know is that raisins and grapes may be highly toxic to some pets. Since we have no way of knowing which pets may be sensitive, and what dose may be toxic, we recommend no raisins or grapes, and that includes trail mixes, granolas with raisins, grape or raisin juice, and any bakery goods with raisins. Other potentially toxic foods which your pets should avoid are walnuts, macadamia nuts, avocados, and other fatty foods like bacon grease, chicken fat, butter or margarine, and fatty meats. Large amounts of onions and garlic can also be toxic, and that includes onion and garlic powders.

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