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Pain Management in pets

Pets can have otitis externa, a condition affecting the outer structures of the ear, 

A pre-op screening of your pet's blood can help your veterinarian detect underlying medical problems with the internal organs that may not be visible to you. It also gives your veterinarian a baseline to compare future blood screening to help with early detection of diseases

By inserting a small microchip ID under the skin of your pet, it can help your pet find it's way home if he should ever get lost or stolen

Prevention of these potentially serious infections can be achieved by simple routine de-worming of cats and dogs and good personal and environmental hygiene.

One of the more frightening things you can witness is your pet having a seizure. 

You may not have realized this, but most veterinary hospitals maintain a fully stocked in-house pharmacy to meet the medication and supplement needs of its patients.

Tips on how to give your dog his medication

Vaccinations and your pet

Are your homes truly "pet safe? " There are many potential dangers right under your, and your pets', noses, and, as is often the case, the best treatment for these dangers is prevention.