In house Veterinary Pharmacies



You may not have realized this, but most veterinary hospitals maintain a fully stocked in-house pharmacy to meet the medication and supplement needs of its patients. Since many of the medications prescribed for your precious pets are made specifically for them, and therefore not available from the corner drug store, these in-house pharmacies are essential. Besides the convenience of having the pharmacy on site, another added advantage of having medications available from your veterinarian is the quality control. Your veterinarian and hospital staff are carefully trained and are very aware of the specifics and intricacies of the various drugs, medications, and supplements they stock, such as expiration dates, storage details and requirements, and uses and contraindications, not to mention the fact that they know and understand your pet's needs best. Also, because of this knowledge and expertise, most of the medications offered by your veterinarian are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. This alone should provide you, the pet parent, with an added piece of mind.





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