Hip Dysplasia in Dogs


Probably one of the most common development conditions recognized in large breed dogs is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can affect any dog, most commonly the large breeds, but seems to have a predilection for the retrievers, German shepherds, great Danes, chow chows, and Rottweilers. Hip dysplasia is known to have a strong genetic component, yet environmental influences also play a significant role in the disease. In fact, it is now believed that about 50 percent is genetic, and the other 50 percent is environmental. So, equally as important as what genetic influences a dog inherits from its parents, is how the dog is reared. Specifically, diet and exercise. That's right, how much a young, growing large breed is fed and exercised will play a major role on whether or not he or she will actually develop dysplasia! Check out our supplements



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