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Wild Bird Window Bird Feeder with One-Way Mirror Back

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Wild Bird Window Bird feeder attaches to any window with suction cups. Place one at your pet's favorite window to keep them entertained while you are away. Clear acrylic feeder has a one way mirrored backing so the birds are not scared away, yet you can still watch them, up close and personal.


The large two tube towers holds 4 cups of bird seed. Offer different seeds in each tower to attract a larger variety of birds. The platform makes an excellent place to serve up fresh mealworms, grapes, nuts or fruits.

Installing your bird feeder is a snap. Clean the window and suction cups with a window cleaner and dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel. Rub the suction cups with your fingers to place some natural oil on the surface. You may also wipe your forehead or side of nose to get a little more oil. Now firmly press the suction cups against the window and press out all the air bubbles. Fill the towers with bird seed and place the lid.

Some birds are still reluctant to come to the tower. If this is the case, keep the blinds or curtains closed for a few days and sprinkle bird seed around the ground to attract them. Once the figure out that it is free food, they will start coming to feed even when the window blinds are open.

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